Whether it’s due to a virus infection or failed hard drive the best way to protect against data loss is backing things up. Simply put; never keep all your files in one place, Make copies, The more backups the better!

In this blog post, we will show you the best backup options you have in which you can keep your precious files safe:

External media without software

The most simple and popular option is to keep a copy of files on external storage such as a USB thumb drive or USB hard drive.

-One off payment to buy the drive then it’s yours forever
-Data can be taken on the move easily
-No set up required, just drag and drop.

-No redundancy if computer and drive are lost together ie. fire or theft
-Backup isn’t automatic and files aren’t synchronised

Dedicated backup software

Another approach is to use specialised applications that do the backup for you, most versions of windows have a utility built in for backups but we’ve found them to be a bit hit and miss.

For home users we recommend Acronis True Image:

Powerful, feature-rich and easy to use, Acronis True Image drive lets you pick and choose the files and folders you want to backup along with full image backups of the PC itself!

One PC license £34.99

-Scheduling gives you full control over backups
-Single one-off payment
-Ability to upgrade to cloud storage

-Files not synced across multiple devices
-External Harddrive needed (more upfront costs)

The Cloud

When it comes to keeping your data in the cloud it should be known there is two different ways of doing this, Cloud backups and Cloud storage:

Cloud backups are what it says on the tin; a place in the cloud where your backups are stored.

-Generally more storage for your money
-The ability to restore from specific dates and file versions
-Can be linked with on-site backups for double redundancy
-Only pay for what you need

-Data can’t be accessed on the fly, must be restored manually

For Home users we recommend upgrading Acronis True Image to include cloud backups

£29.99 per year for 50GB or £69.99 per year for 1000GB (1TB)

For business users Maxed IT can provide a comprehensive backup solution; Either stand alone software or as part of our remote management platform, we have a package to suit any businesses needs. To enquire about our RMM package please go to:


Cloud storage allows you to have your data accessible and synchronised across multiple devices. This is best used as a backup location as opposed to a single place to keep files.

-Applications integrate well with windows for ease of use
-Fast access to documents from anywhere
-Multiplatform and mobile device support

-limited numbers of previous versions kept on the cloud
-Deleted files will only be recoverable for a short time
-Can be quite pricey depending on size of data

Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive all offer similar features and are the best of the bunch when it comes to cloud storage. Stick to one of these and you can’t go wrong.